Can you reach, engage and survey Jane, who loves cats, attends nursing school and surfs on the weekends?

We can.

We are different

Nothing against you, we are just really good at what we do. With Audience Insights you no longer have to be limited to 3 target variables. We have the ability to access niche audiences to make sure that we are asking the right people the right questions for your business insights.

Unrivaled Targeting

Audience Insights targets unique identifiers on social media networks and advertising exchanges in order to access niche audiences.

Your Target, Your Data

By fishing highly targeted respondents out of the river, we can ensure that we are generating the most representative data available.

Media Campaign Insights

Post-campaign analysis sets you up for a powerful followup, proving brand lift and overall campaign value, and giving you the tools you need in order to make important budget decisions.

Avoid Panels Pitfalls

The manner in which we target allows us to ensure that each survey is completed by a unique person fitting the target, not a single person representing multiple user accounts.

Laser Focus

We believe in thick data. Smaller sets of a highly representative target is much more valuable than a large set of loosely representative ones.  

Customer Insight Loop

Using industry retargeting standards, we can survey individuals that have interacted with your web properties from your website to display advertising and more.

Are you bored of shallow research panel restrictions?

Who isn’t? We can now ask live audiences, who fit your consumer profile, the questions you need to know in order to improve your business. Every survey conducted using Audience Insights targets a brand new panel by using your chosen targeting demographics.

We are happy to announce our affiliation with the Insights Association as they continue to elevate the standards of the market research and analytics industry. At madai we push ourselves to constantly evaluate how we can improve in all facets of our business, together we look forward to improving the industry as a whole.

Ever wanted to survey people who have recently visited your site, or have seen your media campaigns?

We thought so! You no longer have to guess whether or not your target consumers like your site or respond to your rich media campaigns because we can ask them personally. Find out first hand what influences people to purchase your products or services.

The right Audience for the right Insight

The right audience gets you the right insight. We believe in highly focused targeting to ensure that the information generated by our surveys is accurate and honest. Knowing that a surfer, fitting your target audience, is helping you refine your surfing product is much more valuable than a person fitting the target that doesn't even surf. Unlimited targeting is unlimited survey power.

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