Ever wanted to survey people who have seen your media campaigns?
We thought so!


Website Usability Survey

Audience Insights has the capability to embed a survey in Google Tag Manager that activates only when people attempt to leave your website. This survey prompts visitors to garnish information about why they are leaving, which offers vital insight into how to improve your site, your product, or even your traffic-driving media. This allows you to keep your ear to the ground, and adapt by using intelligent and timely information.

Customer Insight Loop

Using industry retargeting standards, Audience Insights can survey individuals that have interacted with your web properties from your website to display advertising and more. Giving you access to information, straight from your potential customers mouth, on how to improve and adapt your digital assets. With up to date and timely insights, your business can adapt dynamically to your customers needs.

Powerful Media Campaign Insights

Use Audience Insights as a tool for pre, active, and post analysis of media spend targets. Ensuring you understand who you should be targeting and how to influence them is key to a successful media campaign. Understanding how to improve on the fly in imagery, messaging, and emotional appeal is an incredibly powerful tool which will ensure you are on the right track. Post-campaign analysis sets you up for a powerful followup, proving brand lift and overall campaign value, and giving you the tools you need in order to make important budget decisions.

how it works

  • 1 days
    Client submits questions and target variables
  • 2 days
    madai implements campaign and begins delivery on most appropriate media channel
  • 3 days
    Customer begins receiving completed surveys live
  • 5 days
    500 completed surveys collected
  • 10 days
    1500 completed surveys collected
  • 15 days
    2500 completed surveys collected

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