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Unrivaled targeting

Audience Insights targets unique identifiers on social media networks and advertising exchanges in order to access niche audiences. Once found we perform an additional screening to ensure accuracy of representation. Individuals that don't fit the target demographic will be excluded and unable to participate in the survey.

Right people, right insights

The right audience gets you the right insight. We believe in highly focused targeting to ensure that the information generated by our surveys is accurate and honest. Knowing that a surfer, fitting your target audience, is helping you refine your surfing product is much more valuable than a person fitting the target that doesn't even surf. Unlimited targeting is unlimited survey power.

Laser focus

Smaller sets of a highly representative target is much more valuable than a large set of loosely representative ones. We believe in thick data that offers you emotional insight into why people do what they do. Thick sets of data are powerful in small numbers because they offer context to larger data sets. Bolster your businesses big data set with the power of thick data.

how it works

  • 1 days
    Client submits questions and target variables
  • 2 days
    madai implements campaign and begins delivery on most appropriate media channel
  • 3 days
    Customer begins receiving completed surveys live
  • 5 days
    500 completed surveys collected
  • 10 days
    1500 completed surveys collected
  • 15 days
    2500 completed surveys collected

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