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research panel restrictions?
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Ask live audiences

Your target, your data

We create the perfect audience for your survey using our advanced targeting methods. By fishing highly targeted respondents out of the river, we can ensure that we are generating the most representative data available. Generate insights on your brand, industry, consumer, or even competitor - no generic insights that are passed around from company to company, we keep you ahead of the game.

Avoid Panel Pitfalls

With us you don't have to worry about the current problems panels present. We don't farm insights from an existing and shallow panel of individuals that are only represented by 3 targeting variables, we ensure that the data you use to create efficiencies in your market is accurate, relevant, and timely. The manner in which we target allows us to ensure that each survey is completed by a unique person fitting the target, not a single person representing multiple user accounts.

3.2 billion people

This is the number of people with internet access globally. Our reach is truly global, ensuring that you can access the audiences you need to in order to grow your business with purpose and direction. There is no targeting challenge too difficult for us, we love a challenge, and we won't break your bank to achieve it.

how it works

  • 1 days
    Client submits questions and target variables
  • 2 days
    madai implements campaign and begins delivery on most appropriate media channel
  • 3 days
    Customer begins receiving completed surveys live
  • 5 days
    500 completed surveys collected
  • 10 days
    1500 completed surveys collected
  • 15 days
    2500 completed surveys collected

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